Yo, I'm Lucas, 18 and from Brazil. I enjoy making gifs, watching movies and tv shows. Also, I really love Game of Thrones. VERY MUCH. @robbsstark

List of favorite films: The Book Thief (2013)

When life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back.

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You don’t own us.

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Q: When Tyrion says "your mother on the other hand, i admired her," is he implying that he didn't admire robb?

Right before saying “Your mother, on the other hand, I admired her”, Tyrion says “I didn’t know your brother. He seemed like a good man, but I didn’t know him.”.

So no, I don’t believe he meant that. It’s just he didn’t have much to say about Robb (as stated by Tyrion, they didn’t know each other), but on the other hand Tyrion did know Catelyn and admired her.

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Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

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I was that ambitious when I was very young as well. Gwen is clear on what she wants to do with her life – in terms of her job and her sense of purpose. I think and hope that I am in the same ballpark there. Science-wise, though, she is much better than me.

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WE DO SWEAR, under pain of friendship lost, to never speak of this enterprise to any adult; to never betray its location or its participants; and from this day forthwith to boil our own water, kill our own food, build our own shelter and be our own men.

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He was all I had once, before Myrcella was born. I used to spend hours looking at him. His wisps of hair. His tiny hands and feet. He was such a jolly little fellow. You always hear the terrible ones were terrible babies. “We should have known. Even then, we should have known.” It’s nonsense. Whenever he was with me, he was happy. And no one can take that away from me. Not even Joffrey. How it feels to have someone. Someone of your own.

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